I treat every student as an individual.  When you book your free consultation, we discuss what you are struggling with and the goals you would like to achieve.  From this information, I choose an appropriate starting point and help you work towards your learning goals.

Questions parents ask me about my math teaching methods

What are your classes like?

My favourite math teachers used to do the following in class:

  • Step 1: present the concept
  • Step 2: demonstrate problem solving through examples
  • Step 3: have students work through example problems while gradually fading support
  • Step 4: assign independent practice
  • Step 5: Assess the quality of independent performance and suggest improvements.

This model is close to how I tutor math.  Since I teach one-on-one, I am able to have a conversation with the student about the concepts we are studying instead of presenting the material in a lecture format. I help the student connect with unfamiliar material by linking it with something they already know.  As an experienced tutor, I have experimented with explaining math concepts from different angles, and choose the angle that the majority of students find easy to understand.  I place a high emphasis on independent practice and improving accuracy and efficiency over time.  In addition to the steps above, I would like to add one more: 

  • Step 6: repeat steps 4-5 until a reasonable level of mastery has been achieved.  I am not looking for 100%, but the student has to be confident and consistently accurate before moving on to the next level.


Do you tutor students with autism/ADHD/dyslexia?

I have worked with a number of students with such labels.  Learning designations have no impact on whether or not my students achieve their goals.  Success depends significantly more on whether they are ready to put in the work.  Motivated students will find strategies that work for them, and I will work around their strengths and challenges as individuals, not their label.

Do you assign extra math problems after your lessons?

It depends. 

Some students come to me with a list of questions they have after doing their homework from school and before they write a test.  If they already have enough material to prepare for their test, I do not assign extra homework.  I do give access to my bank of worksheets for pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, and calculus should students feel that they need extra practice.

For other students, I am their math teacher.  That means that I am working with them outside of the school curriculum because they need a challenge or they are brushing up on foundational topics.  To help students solidify what they learn, and for me to assess their understanding, I give them homework in those situations.

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