Photomath Vs. Mathway: A Math Tutor Reviews Apps that Do Your Math Homework


Photomath, Mathway, and other math solving apps.  Teachers hate them while students love them.  Well, some students do.

Now, Photomath itself claims that it aims to “strengthen both comprehension and confidence in today’s students”

And Mathway says it is the #1 math problem solver.  And that it is a “private tutor in the palm of your hand.”

Well I am a math tutor, and in this video, I am going to be reviewing both apps.  

First, let me introduce myself.  My name is Clara Tong.  I tutor math online to students ages 11 and up.  I help students achieve their own goals in math, whether it be getting excellent grades in school or preparing to study math at the university level.

With that said, this video explores two questions:

  1. Do the free version of PhotoMath and Mathway actually help you learn math? 
  2. Is one app more useful than the other? 

I spent over a day testing out the free versions of these apps under various situations. 

Watch the video to see what I found!

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