Middle School Math Tutoring

Pre-teen years are great for building a strong foundation for future success in math

Often, parents looking for a 6th – 7th grade math tutor are looking to work outside of the math taught at school.  Math in middle school advances at a slower pace compared to high school, and the same concepts are recycled over and over again.


As a result, some students feel unchallenged.  I work with these students on deepening their understanding of math.   We focus on refining numerical fluency, finding more advanced strategies in problem solving, and potentially math contest problems.


For whatever reason, other students fall behind.  My advice to parents is to seek help when the problem is still manageable.  At this age, it completely is.  I help these students build a strong foundation, and they begin to see that the ideas in math are just recycled over and over again!  

Find out what a math tutor can do for your child.

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