Math 8 BC Curriculum Resources for Students and Parents

If you search on google for the Math 8 BC curriculum, you will find the latest version released June 2016.  Unfortunately, if you are a parent trying to find out what exactly your teenager needs to learn, there isn’t a lot of detail in the documents.  The 2008 curriculum, content wise, is basically identical and can be found here.

Textbooks Commonly Used by Teachers

Theory and Problems 8

Here is a list of bookstores selling this workbook.  My favourite workbook as there are many examples, a check for conceptual understanding at the beginning of each question set, and numerous practice problems that helps students refine their understanding.

math focus 8

You can purchase the student workbook from Amazon.

Here is the link for the textbook.  Click on the chapters, look for Student Book,” and look for PDF.  This is a decent textbook with a good number of practice questions that range from easy to hard.

math makes sense 8

You can purchase Math Makes Sense 8 from Amazon or a local academic bookstore.  

Knowing what your teenager needs to master from the math 8 BC curriculum can be a real challenge!  If your teenager needs more help than you have time for, please contact me for a free consultation on whether or not a math tutor is right for you.

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