High School Math Tutoring

Achievement in high school math often determines a student's post-secondary choices

High school students are more complex in their needs compared to elementary students.  They have been studying math for longer and any gaps they had from elementary or middle school that slipped under the radar now compound to the current situation.  If they have been struggling with math for a while, they may feel frustrated, unmotivated, or identify as “not a math person.”


Since math grades are often a gatekeeper to higher learning, you may be concerned that your teenager’s post-secondary choices will be limited without a good grasp of math.


I’m here to help.  With over 13 years of experience in high school science/math education and 7.5 years running this tutoring business, I can quickly find out why your teenager is struggling and what can be done to improve the situation.  Nearly all students feel they are re-oriented in the right direction after one session.  Students with a willingness to learn and spend time to practice what they learned often see results after one session.  It is not uncommon for students to tell me that they were sitting at a B before we started, but on the next test, they scored 90%.


Results do vary based on the complexity of the situation.  Some students require more repetition to master a skill.  Some have (undiagnosed) learning difficulties that bring extra challenges.  Some students have unaddressed math gaps stemming from elementary or middle school that impact their ability to learn at grade level.


Results also depend on how consistent students are with session attendance and practice.  Missing sessions impacts the overall rate of improvements as we have to pick back up again, and students who “look over” questions done in class instead of doing them are not getting the required practice for real results.


Tutoring online allows me to get students results faster than face-to-face tutoring.  I can easily arrange all the information the student needs to consider on the online whiteboard.  When students don’t have to look at different places like their textbook, their notes, their laptop, to gather the appropriate information, they can reserve their brain power for processing the question.

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