Tutor Math Online


How do you teach online?

Like how I would teach you if you were in front of me.  Honestly, if I ever taught in person again, I’d have to bring my laptop to do what I’m able to do now.  I ask questions to get a feel for what you already know.  I look for an appropriate starting point and try to have you work on something that you have seen before, but haven’t mastered.  Depending on how you’re doing, I might work out problems as examples, type out a step-by-step procedure on the online whiteboard to help you through a process, google illustrations that might help you understand concepts better, ask you your thought process for getting your answer, and assess whether you’re ready to move onto the next topic.  I make sure you have learned something new by the time the call ends.  If you need extra practice questions, I will pull some from my collection of resources.  Over time, I build a good library of information on what you need to learn, your strengths and weaknesses, personality, communication style.

So I will never meet you?

If you live in Vancouver proper, or if you can come to Vancouver, I can meet with students and parents at the beginning of the school year, winter break, or at the end of the school year. Just the tutoring sessions themselves are online.

What do I need for online tutoring?

  • a device for video calling
  • a device to view the Google Jamboard (might be the same device as the video calling device)
  • a Gmail address

What do I use for the video call?

I prefer using a phone and an app like Facetime or Whatsapp video for the video call. If you don’t have a smartphone, connecting to Zoom via your laptop also works.

The reason I slightly prefer using a phone over a laptop for the video call is that you can easily flip your camera and point it at something that’s already on paper, like your written work, or you have a spontaneous question from a piece of paper that you haven’t sent me before. It’s more effective than holding a piece of paper up to the laptop camera.

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