Why do you tutor online?

Math tutoring lies at the intersection of what I love doing, what I excel at, and what pays the bills.  Having found this trifecta, my time and energy go towards creating a sustainable long term business that only gets more awesome over time.  My goal is to help as many teens and young adults as possible with their math journeys.  

For 4.5 years, I only tutored students who live in my city of Vancouver.  There have been up to 4 people on my waitlist even though I worked 6 days a week.  One of the factors for whether or not I chose to take them on as my student was whether or not they fit my driving route.  With the switch to online, where students live is no longer a concern.

I’ll share some advantages of online tutoring that I’ve discovered since the switch:

  • Organizing and sharing materials is much easier.  It’s a matter of drag and drop into the correct Google Drive folder.
  • You can have a lesson anywhere there is wifi.  This includes your home, your summer cabin, or your school
  • I can google an image that illustrates my point, screenshot, and paste it into Jamboard faster than I can draw it out (badly) on paper.
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