How does online tutoring work?

What do I need for online tutoring?

For online tutoring with me, you need to have a device for video calling, a computer that connects to the internet, and a gmail address.  

What do I use for the video call?

I prefer using a phone and an app like Facetime or Whatsapp video for the video call.  If you don’t have a smartphone, connecting to Zoom via your laptop also works.

The reason I slightly prefer using a phone over a laptop for the video call is that you can easily flip your camera and point it at something that’s already on paper, like your written work, or you have a spontaneous question from a piece of paper that you haven’t sent me before.  It’s more effective than holding a piece of paper up to the laptop camera.

How do you teach via the internet?

I have a google account for tutoring.  Each student gets their own shared folder to which they upload the documents that we both need to see during the session.  All of my resources like summary sheets and extra practice questions are stored on Google Drive and can be easily shared with anyone with a gmail address.  Google has a great collaborative whiteboard app called Google Jamboard.  You can type notes using the text tool, paste screenshots of school material that is already online, or ask me why I did something a certain way by using the laser pointer.  What I really like about Google Jamboard is that it autosaves and so students can’t lose any of the work I’ve shown them.  The best part?  It’s free.

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