My name is Clara and I am an online high school math tutor based in Vancouver, Canada.  

I have taught middle and high school math and science in international schools, but teaching one-on-one is my passion.

Since 2015, I have helped over 100 students through their general math, pre-calculus, calculus, and chemistry courses.  My past students say that I am skilled at breaking down complicated material and that I’m patient while you learn.  I build relationships with each and every student because teaching and learning is actually teamwork.

Some of my students are already proficient to start but want to stay on top of their game as they move up the grades.  For these students, I provide extra practice material and support their quest to excel.

Some kids face challenges in math or chemistry and may feel like they are the one kid in class that doesn’t understand.  For these students, I start with where they are at and focus on one skill at a time before putting them altogether.  I have never met a motivated student who was unable to learn the math.

No matter where you are at, I can help you reach your goals.  

You can excel in your math courses, get on the honour roll, or get accepted into your choice of program or university!

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