Slide CLARA TONG online math tutor Gain confidence. Improve grades. Achieve goals. for Math 8 to Calculus II Slide 5 pro tips for improving your math brain written for every level of learner! get your free copy! Slide let me show you how! New to online tutoring? Slide My grade 8 son was struggling with high school math in this COVID time of learning. He was having trouble with comprehending and remembering a lot of the fundamentals that his teacher was not able to get across to him.

After three months of working with Clara, he is totally different. She has been able to do what his high school math teacher could not, connect with our son in a way to help him learn. Not only does he now have a solid understanding of the fundamentals, he is also confident in his ability to solve math problems that come his way. Clara's teaching style and personality is awesome and has been exactly what my son has needed.
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Parents: Worried about the impact of COVID-19 on your teen’s math skills?

Concerned that your son or daughter will be unprepared for the demands of math class once things go back to normal?  Do you feel that this year might jeopardize your teen’s chances of applying to programs where math marks are important?

I can help!

  • identify areas needing improvement
  • provide practice questions at the appropriate level
  • cover missed content
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