June 2019

“We were fortunate to have found Clara to tutor our son in Chem 11. This being his final year in high school, we knew how much guidance he needed in Chemistry which had been a struggle before. Clara’s gentle but steady approach kept him on task and motivated to stay on top of the workload. It was a good sign he never asked to discontinue tutoring as he has with past tutors. I found Clara to be highly professional and communicative of scheduling sessions. I strongly recommend her!”

From students:
August 2018
Math has never been my strong suit. During high school math was something I struggled with. Even with tutoring I still struggled. As a result I ended up taking the bare minimum math that would allow me to graduate. Fast forward a few years I start pursuing nursing knowing that there is a math component. Having to go back and do high school math gave me lots of anxiety and stress. Graduating 8 years ago I have not really done math besides the day to day math. The expectation that I would be able to receive 69% in math 11 overwhelmed me. That’s until I was matched with Clara as a tutor. Math not being something I excelled at often made me frustrated and when I got frustrated I would tune everything out and try to prove that I could do it myself, not the best attitude from someone seeking help. Clara was extremely patient with me during periods of frustration which was a lot….She made math make sense to what I understood. She explained things multiple times until I understood it and she tailored her tutoring to my needs. Moreover, I can’t believe I am saying this she made our time together fun, even when I was learning math. Clara had to teach me a lot of fundamental skills and I am happy to say that her expertise allowed me to  achieved a 77% which was over why I needed for my program. I highly recommend Clara to anyone who struggles with math and who wants someone who is patient, dedicated and empathizes with one’s frustration when it comes to learning math. I would not have been able to have done it without her.
Clara has been tutoring me since Grade 10. She has been a big reason why I was able to do well in Pre-calculus 10-12, Science 10 and Physics 11. When I don’t understand a concept she condenses the information onto a piece of paper. She also corrects mistakes I have made and makes sure I’m aware of them before I get tested. Sometimes when I feel that I don’t get enough practice problems she would  provide extra questions or spend her personal time finding extra resources to help me. I appreciate the great lengths she is willing to take to help me.
July 2018
Clara tutored me in physics, chemistry and mathematics for the past 2 years. With her tremendous help I achieved an A/A+ standing in all the courses she helped me in and was more than prepared for every quiz, test and assessment I had. Clara was able to adapt lessons to meet my personalized learning requirement which made her invaluable. This past year my pre-calculus teacher moved at an incredibly fast pace but with Clara’s help I was able to not only keep up with the heavy course load but also excel at it and achieve in the top percentile of my class. I would recommend Clara to anyone who wants to not only understand math and science concepts but also excel at them.
June 2018
I began working with Clara during second term of my grade 12 year. She is incredibly organized, and excellent at communication. Working with her greatly increased my knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, and she was able to give me personalized problem solving strategies. Clara has a great sense of humour, and a wealth of resources that have benefited me greatly.
Clara started tutoring me after second term. I was struggling in pre-calculus and behind in chemistry and unsure what to do. When I started working with her, I scored ten percent higher on my next test. Now, exams and coming up and I am not worried at all: any problems I might come across while studying I can bring to her and have her help me understand. She not only re-teaches information in a much easier to comprehend way than my teachers, but she also provides me with worksheets, summaries, and notes that have greatly helped my stress levels and grades. ?
From parents:
June 2018
“I would highly recommend Clara to anyone who needs tutoring help with math and science for grades 10 and above.  What distinguishes Clara from other tutors is her willingness to go above and beyond to help students overcome their barriers to learning.  She will do research on her own personal time to not only find materials relevant for a course, but also with specific focus to a school and teacher.  I credit Clara for helping my son achieve marks in Pre-Cal 12 that has enabled him to get accepted into the University of his choice.”

I asked our son what he liked best about Clara and he told me the most important piece: she just made the material (both chemistry and math) make sense to him in a way his teachers hadn’t.  For us we appreciated how focused our son was when she arrived.  You could see how much he valued the time with her.

May 2018
Clara tutored my daughter for 2 years and we were very happy with the academic results.  Clara is a true professional.  She reliable, efficient and very pleasant to work with. She knows how to engage students and provide them with solid strategies to succeed.  Overall I would not hesitate to recommend Clara as a tutor.
Clara Tong is literally the number one reason our son has had math success. He has dyscalculia and is operating in the first percentile for competency… this is nightmare for a kid who is planning for university and actually loves science. He didn’t want to be restricted with where he went to school because of his limitations. Along came our super hero Clara – she has worked with him for the last couple of years and not only did he achieve a B average for MATH in grade 11-12 he was accepted to EVERY SINGLE university he applied to – with most offering scholarships. Her patience, pragmatism and teaching skill made this happen. We are so very grateful to have found her. She is the best tutor I have ever met – hands down. “
Clara Tong has tutored my daughter in subjects such as Math 10 & 11; Pre-Calculus 12; Chemistry 11 & 12; and Physics 11.  Clara has been instrumental in assisting my daughter with clarification in subject content and thus helping her achieve higher marks.  Clara has been open and accommodating to request(s), by me, regarding different focus and or approach based on my daughter’s needs as she has advanced into higher grades.
April 2018
Clara has tutored my son for two years in the subjects of chemistry, physics and math.  She has really improved his understanding and confidence in the subject material. She would cater her teaching to the areas he required help with.  Clara was always punctual and very accommodating in her tutoring schedule. Our son’s marks have improved with her help and we are very appreciative.