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Time Collapse Panoramas for the Honda Celebration of Light

Lately I’ve been interested in something I call a “time collapse panorama,” which is one stitched panoramic scene in which time has been (you guessed it) collapsed.  After completing the panorama of airplanes landing near Iona Beach, I decided to document an event this way.  What better event to cover than the Honda Celebration of Light?

This is Team Netherlands’ entry on July 23.  Time progresses from 7:30 PM on the bottom left to 10 PM at the top right.  In between, you can see people selling ice cream, a couple taking selfies, and a woman taking a picture of the pink sunset.  Boats light up closer to the show.

This is Disney, representing Team USA on July 30.  This time 7:30 PM is at the bottom right and 10 PM at the top left.  Taking pictures on English Bay Beach with 500 000 people around me was not easy as people were standing up and navigating to their valuable piece of beach real estate within inches of my camera.  In the end, this panorama was worth the 7 hours downtown and many more with Photoshop.  Especially love the kid making the Star Wars pose!

Looking forward to creating more time collapse panoramas around Vancouver.


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