Clara is a math, physics, and chemistry tutor with 10 years classroom teaching and tutoring experience combined.  After obtaining a B. Sc. and B. Ed. from UBC, she spent 1 year teaching and subbing ESL classes in Vancouver, and 3 years teaching middle school and high school math, science, and chemistry in mainland China.  As the job market for public school teachers in Vancouver was still poor when she returned to Vancouver in July 2015, she began tutoring and soon found that she still had a “class” of people to teach, mostly one at a time, in a setting free of distraction.

Clara has experience teaching students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and other learning difficulties without a specific diagnosis.  She can, over a couple of hours of testing, find a student’s problem areas and determine what would be necessary for the student to achieve their academic goals.  She will also find the student’s strengths, and incorporate their areas of strength in strategies designed to work for them.  Believe it or not, she enjoys working on these types of complex problems and derives satisfaction from seeing students gain skills and confidence.

For students without learning difficulties but have somehow fallen behind, or students who have a classroom teacher that is hard to understand, Clara can organize information and concepts in a way that is concise and easily accessible.  She will provide feedback on specific areas of performance and suggestions for improvement so that they have all the tools necessary to achieve their goals.

In her time off, Clara enjoys photography, travelling, and eating good food.